Hello Tumblr, from today on, we’re gonna post some tiddies !


  1. Post pictures of your (all gender presenting) nipples on Tumblr using the hashtag #titty protest
  2. You can write something across your titties, like “fuck you tumblr” or “we are not porn”.
  3. Reblog this post, the images, and spread the word. Tumblr has to drown under titties (and understand that what they’re doing is stupid).
  4. If you aren’t comfortable with posting pictures of your titties or nips then you can draw a pair of boobs on a bit of paper, hold that up to your chest, and take a picture of that. Or you can just reblog other people’s protest titties if they’re okay with that.
  5. This new policy is harmful to a lot of Tumblr users (sex workers, artists, fandom, WOMEN…),  threatens freedom of expression and, as users start to leave, ultimately the viability of tumblr as a social network.
  6. The titty protest starts tonight, 6th December 2018 ! Be sure to make clear your post is political protest as, under Tumblr’s own guidelines, titty protests do not fall foul of its ban.


Our bodies aren’t NSFW. Art isn’t inherently NSFW. It’s only sexual if the user intends it to be so. And even if they do THAT’S OKAY TOO! ✨

To the people participating : 

First of all thank you for joining us and Freeing Those Titties !™ 

Thank you also to those who keep on sharing the post ! 

Unfortunately, what we do here isn’t visible in the newly founded “titty protest” tag, nor is it visible on any other ‘regular’ tag like censorship or tumblr ban. 

So I invite people who participate in this to tag either me or @weconqueratdawnwhen you post them tiddies so that we can see you, reblog your post (if you’re okay with that) and let the movement grow ! ✨

and also new tag!!  #tiddie protest 

We’ve decided to change the tag to help our protest show up better – if you’re participating and want to be seen and heard, try the new #tiddie protest tag.

yes you’re right we absolutely should have thought of this before we moved quick so as not to lose our nerve and now here we are

And yes please do join in with us!

yesterday was really quite an amazing experience and I seriously recommend it! not only did I manage to work off some steam by taking some action, possibly the best part was chatting to the other people taking part and seeing their photos and being excited and giddy and Defiant and it was great XD


Hello friends, happy Monday! It’s time for my annual please-buy-my-stuff for the holidays post.
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Miss you all, I’ll be back soon I promise ❤ Stay sane during the holidays!


The Evening Missourian, Columbia, Missouri, December 5, 1915

My mom used to recite this poem…

There once was a girl,

Who had a little curl,

Right in the middle of her forehead.

When she was good,

She was very, very good,

But when she was bad, she was horrid.





Dorothy just wanted something that she could believe in,
A gray dustbowl girl in a life she was better off leavin’.
She made her escape, went from gray into green,
And she could have got clear, and she could have got clean,
But she chose to be good and go back to the gray Kansas sky
Where color’s a fable and freedom’s a fairy tale lie.

Alice got lost, and I guess that we really can’t blame her;
They say she got tangled and tied in the lies that became her.
They say she went mad, and she never complained,
For there’s peace of a kind in a life unconstrained.
She gives Cheshire kisses, she’s easy with white rabbit smiles,
And she’ll never be free, but she’s won herself safe for a while.

Susan and Lucy were queens, and they ruled well and proudly.
They honored their land and their lord, rang the bells long and loudly.
They never once asked to return to their lives
To be children and chattel and mothers and wives,
But the land cast them out in a lesson that only one learned;
And one queen said ‘I am not a toy’, and she never returned.

Mandy’s a pirate, and Mia weaves silk shrouds for faeries,
And Deborah will pour you red wine pressed from sweet poisoned berries.
Kate poses riddles and Mary plays tricks,
While Kaia builds towers from brambles and sticks,
And the rules that we live by are simple and clear:
Be wicked and lovely and don’t live in fear

       Dorothy, Alice and Wendy and Jane,
       Susan and Lucy, we’re calling your names,
       All the Lost Girls who came out of the rain
       And chose to go back on the shelf.
       Tinker Bell says, and I find I agree
       You have to break rules if you want to break free.
       So do as you like 

we’re determined to be
       Wicked girls saving ourselves.

For we will be wicked and we will be fair
And they’ll call us such names, and we really won’t care,
So go, tell your Wendys, your Susans, your Janes,
There’s a place they can go if they’re tired of chains,
And our roads may be golden, or broken, or lost,
But we’ll walk on them willingly, knowing the cost 

We won’t take our place on the shelves.
It’s better to fly and it’s better to die
Say the wicked girls saving ourselves.

(Seanan McGuire)

This is breathtaking.

@seananmcguire something I’ve wondered a while; was ‘Kaia builds towers from brambles and sticks’ a Motorcity reference?

I’ve never seen Motorcity, and I’m pretty sure it didn’t exist when I wrote the song, so no.


We at Piczel.tv are sad to see Tumblr’s stance against NSFW artists, and would like to offer up our services as an alternative to Tumblr’s arbitrary shadowbans, deletions, and general stupidity.

We’re happy to host adult artists who are looking for a new place to call home, and are planning a few key upgrades and features. 

Effectively immediately though, our gallery upload size restriction has been removed, to be likely raised to 10MB in the near future for non-premium users.

As always, we support image sets, and don’t compress anything.

Firstly, for those that have been using tumblr as a portfolio, you’ll need a way to download all of your art, if you don’t have backups somewhere else. We are planning a tool for Piczel.tv that will import zip files full of images, including titles and descriptions if we are able.

Second, we’re planning the following upgrades to piczel in the coming weeks:

1. Bulk upload/import to your piczel.tv gallery
2. Gallery UI cleanup and improvements
3. Gallery performance improvements
4. Gallery comments with in line image and custom emote support
5. Site-wide PMs (in the vein of tumblr asks, but better)
6. Archive button for your piczel account

Don’t forget to follow us on twitter, we may be deleted on the 17th with everyone else. Until then, we’ll make posts here to keep everyone in the loop

Please consider reblogging this to help artists in need.